Anderson Silva – Caught in the Web

April 19, 2008 at 7:09 pm (Uncategorized)

So my cousin tells me one day, “hey man, when are you going to make a Anderson Silva HL so I can put it on myspace?” so I immediately started gathering footage. In the midst of all this I found that was going to be having a HL contest where the person with the most votes ended up winning a bunch of DVDs or something. So I pressed to finish this one before the time limit ran out for the contest. Unfortunately my video didn’t make it to the finals but I personally think it was good enough to rank right up there with at least two of the videos they ended up picking. Mine might even be better, haha! Anyway, was a bit bummed, but oh well. As long as the videos are seen, that is all that matters to me. About the video itself, this was my first HL that I worked with After Effects on which is how I created all of the more complex special FX. Something I have seen in few highlights out there, also the comic book section was created in photoshop of course. So without further griping and whining, here is Anderson Silva – Caught in the Web.

Music Used:

PrideFC Theme Acoustic Version
Lupe Fiasco – Little Weapon
The Pillows – Revers Edge
Rich Boy – Get This Money (instrumental)
Lil Wayne – Single Again Remix (instrumental)
Young Dro – Sick of it (instrumental)
Joe Hisaishi – Summer (Kikujiro Soundtrack)

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